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Match your heartbeat with the beat of the universe

Rethink your relationship with yoga

Energetic. powerful . invigorating.



Yvonne and Kirby's combined love for yoga + music brought them together to create their signature class Yoga+Beats. Since 2015 they have brought Yoga+Beats to a variety of communities and events including GoPro Mountain Games, Telluride Yoga Festival, YOTM Festival, Eagle YogaFest, Scottsdale Beats Retreat, and more! 

Rethink Your Relationship With Yoga

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You can catch us at a variety of unique and fun locations around Colorado and the surrounding area. Take a look at our upcoming dates!



Yoga-vacation. Have you heard of it? That's how we do it with out Yoga+Beats Retreats. Our May, 2019 Retreat will be announced soon!


Book your own yoga+Beats

Bring Yvonne + Kirby to your party, event, or retreat. Book your own Yoga+Beats experience. 

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee